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make the switch to libro.fm and support the book oasis

Libro.fm blows Audible out of the water!

Libro.fm provides a way for people to support their community regardless of location and the time constraints of modern life. When you shop locally and support The Book Oasis through Libro.fm audiobooks, you putting money back into your community. 


As a Libro.fm Customer, you...

Keep money within your local economy.

Proceeds from audiobooks purchased through Libro.fm are shared with The Book Oasis. Your community sees 25% more money when you shop locally rather than at a national chain. More of your tax dollars are also reinvested into your community.

Create local jobs.

Local businesses, bookstores included, are better at creating higher-paying jobs within the community.

Protect the environment.

Buying locally means less packaging and less transportation. Plus, digital audiobooks have an even smaller carbon footprint.

Make a difference.

Local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.

Nurture your community’s uniqueness.

Local bookstores curate their selection based on what they know their community members are interested in. When you buy from The Book Oasis, you are participating in the conversation that shapes your local culture.